Olympus M.Zuiko 14-150 lens for Micro Four-Thirds Cameras

Some time ago I reviewed the Tamron 14-150 lens for Micro four-thirds cameras.   At that time the Olympus 14-150 lens was pretty much a non-starter.   Since then Olympus has updated the M.Zuiko 14-150 f/4-5.6 lens.

The new version is much improved.   The lens is now weather proofed, and many of the issues have been resolved.

The new lens is aproximately the same size and weight as the older lens and the Tamron lens. Like the older model it is slightly slower at the wide angle setting and slightly faster at 150 mm.   Optically it seems much different.   The vignetting and chromatic abberation has been reduced to the point that they are comparable to the Tamron lens.   In fact, I think they are slightly better.

All in all, I think I would recommend the Olympus lens at this point. It is water resistant and it seems to fit better with the other Olympus lenses.   For example, the zoom ring on the Tamron moves in the "wrong" direction, something that is hard to get along with.   The differences are minor, but Olypus did manage to get the lens right this time.