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Some of the pages may require that you supply a user name and password.   I should have sent the credentials to the people that are need access to the web page, but if you can not find them, e-mail me with the reason you should have access.   I will usually provide the credentials.

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Although I try to keep this site independent of web browser, I can only work within the W3C standards.   As of June 2019 the webkit based browsers, Chrome and Opera, no longer work with some of the gallery pages.   I would assume that other webkit browsers (Safari and Edge) are also not working but I do not have a way of testing them.   This leaves Mozilla Firefox as the only browser that works with this site until I can find a fix, or until the developers issue fixes for Chrome and Opera.

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Microsoft Edge   Microsoft Edge  Edge is the browser shipped with Windows 10.
Explorer 11   Microcrosoft is retiring Internet Explorer.   Consider using Edge or one of the recommended browsers.

No matter which browser you use, it should be the latest version available.   There are always a few people on the internet who are up to no good.   They are constantly developing new ways to attack your computer.   Keeping your browser current is the best defense against malicious web pages.