About Richard W. W. Wright

Richard Wright, and even Richard W. Wright is a fairly common name.   Searching for me on the web will find many people, from authors to rock stars and even other photographers.   It is really difficult to find me.

To that end, I have appropriated my mother's maiden name: Walsh.   I am searchable with Richard W W Wright, Richard William Walsh Wright, or R W W Wright.   All of those seem to be unique on the internet, at least for the time being.


Although I dabbled in photograpy in high school, I became much more interested in photography in college.   I splurged on a real camera: a used Asahi Pentax S1a.   By the time I graduated in 1969 I had become proficient in the dark room, developing and printing my own black and white pictures. I moved to color a few years later.   I shot developed and printed color negative film until digital became established.

After a transition period when I was shooting film and having it converted to digital, I purchased my first digital camera in 2002.   Even then, it exceeded the film I had been using.   I have not used film since.   The move to digital photography combined my career in computers with my love of photography.  I can apply much of what I learned in a chemical darkroom to what I now do on a computer.  Color is still subjective, composition is the same, and I am not at risk for multiple chemical sensitivity.  The only downside is I have to put up with people ironing or watching TV in my "darkroom".


I live in Seattle, Washington, USA.   My photography is concentrated around the waterways and islands of the Salish Sea and the cities of Western Washington and Western British Columbia.

Garden Photography

I am married to a gardener.   Over the years I have been given gifts of garden photography seminars and have learned to photograph gardens around my home and far away.   I have found it a pleasure to spend time in some of the more renowned gardens of the world.   Later I am told what plants I photographed.

Other Genre

I also shoot landscape/nature photographs, street photography, and a lot of friends and family.   The nature photography is spread throughout the site. Street photos can be found in some areas.   Most of the friends and family pictures are not available here, but if you are one of those call or e-mail me and I will help you find them.

Social Media

I don't really do social media: Facebook, Instagram, or FLickr.   I do publish frequently on 500px and that is where you will find most of my latest photographs.