About www.rkwright.net

This is a photo website.   It is primarily digital photography from the past two decades or so, although there may be an occasional photo from forty years of film.

About the photographer

I am Richard W W Wright, an amateur photographer and a retired IT professional   I live in Seattle, Washington and much of my photography is centered around the gardens, lakes and inland seas of the region.   More information about me is here.  

My photographs can also be found on 500px.com

Photo Equipment

Since 2002 I have used Olympus digital cameras.   Before that, from around 1968, I used Pentax film cameras beginning with the Asahi Pentax S1 that I splurged for in college.   In high school I had a mix of hand-me-down cameras, some of which may still be around the house.

For much of the year in Seattle natural light is somewhat hared to find.   I augment the available light with on-camera speedlights and small strobes.   Auxilliary lighting is from Olympus and more recently GODOX.

My current equipment is described on another page here:


rkwright.net is produced and maintained on a Linux system using only free and open source software.   There are very good free and open source photo management and post processing options available.   Check out this Page.

Photo of the Week

The photo of the week project is an attempt to publish one new photograph each week.   It started in fall 2013 and has been going on for over over six years now.


I can provide high quality prints of photos on this site.   More details are available here.

Terms of use

All photographs on this site are the property of R. W. W. Wright and may not be used without permission.