I am occasionally asked about prints. The large images on the site (those that you see when you click the larger image link in a slide show) are generally 1280x960 pixels. That is a compromise between download speed and printing.  If you save a large image, it will make an acceptable drug store print.  Depending on your browser, right click on the large image and select save as, or save image as.   Take or send the resulting image to your local drug store or photo store for a print.

If you want larger or clearer prints, e-mail me at   I can provide up to 16 x 20 inch prints of most images at a modest price.   Prints will not be watermarked (That RW or whatever in a corner).   Larger prints will be signed in the margin.   I use archival inks and papers that will last many years.

I also have a selection of photo cards. More information can be found here

I can not take orders on the Web.